Behold the traditional jewellery of Uttarakhand

Trusted for the past three generations, Jaiguru Jewellers was born in Haldwani with the sole intent of keeping the heritage & culture alive through the most artful legacy of Uttarakhand. it's Jewellery

Picture Credit @ dirty_feets (Ajeet Porwal)

Reviving the Masterpieces

Traditional Kumaoni & Grahwali jewellery are a classic example of brilliant craftsmanship & aesthetic design statement. Handcrafted in sterling pure gold & silver, bespoke ornaments at Jaiguru Jewellers signify utmost elegance & opulence.

Picture Credit @ dirty_feets (Ajeet Porwal)

Handcrafted with Purity, Love & Care

From the graceful traditional ‘Nath’ (Nose Ring) to the tasteful ‘Pahunchi’ (Bracelet), the traditional jewellery of Uttarakhand reflects the austerity of its surroundings and a rich cultural heritage. Artisans at Jaiguru Jewellers skilfully handcraft the traditional jewellery without losing its distinctness and native form.

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